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The Jiangpinghe Hydropower Station Project

It is located in Zouma Town, in Hefeng County in Hubei Province, China,the station is built on the upper reaches of Loushui River.designed mainly for power generation,flood control and irrigation.The dam houses a hydroelectric power station with 2 x 250 MW generators for a total installed capacity of 500 MW. Its expected generation of 1005 GWh will be transferred to the Central China Power Grid. Construction on the dam began in 2005 and the first generator went online in July 2012. The dam is 221 metres (725 ft) tall, withholding a 1,366,000,000 cubic metres (1,107,434 acre·ft) reservoir of which 787,000,000 cubic metres (638,031 acre·ft) is active or "useful" storage.

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